A new life
for people and plastic

Our Mission

Building a circular economy based on plastic waste

Every minute one garbage truck full of plastic is dumped into the oceans. That’s at least 8 million tonnes of plastic waste a year. ASEAN countries produce 60%. At this rate by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish.

Islands are particularly vulnerable to plastic pollution. They have fragile ecosystems, insufficient resources for waste management. Plastic is ruining islands’ pristine environments that attract tourists, while tourists bring in even more plastic waste. Local communities are also suffering because pollution damages their environment and economy.

How can we fight plastic pollution while helping island communities thrive?

Instead of burning or throwing away plastic, we will collect it with the help of local communities.

At our T-box factory, we will transform PET and many other plastics into manufacturing materials, including 3D printing filament, braiding and textile fibers and plastic granules.

By using 3D printing technology and partnering up with big brands, we will create high-value products and give a new life to the plastic.

And throughout all of this, we will be engaging closely with local communities to raise awareness about plastic waste.But this is only the beginning. We have designed this social business model so that it can be replicated by any island or community. We will train local entrepreneurs and workers to operate their own TBL projects and integrate them into the TBL franchise. We will build an online platform for the TBL network to sell its recycled plastic products globally, and for everyone who is interested to get involved.

T-Box Working Mechanism


  • Phase 1: Landing

    Landing on the island
    Local team setup
    Products on demand
    T-Box in place
  • Phase 2: Set up

    Running T-Box
    Develop order platform
    Education, Public engagement and Awareness
  • Phase 3: Scale

    Replicate T-Box
    Education, Public engagement and Awareness
  • Phase 4: Growth

    Franchise model
    Expanding online platform
    Education & Awareness

Project Team

Project Champion

Cynthia Xin Wang
Hong Kong SAR

Project Leader

Alexandra Dumitrescu

Platform Leader

Chun Yew Wong

Leading Scientist

Dr. Guilong Wang


Professor Mark Wenig

System Design

Nicole Mengdi Lv
Hong Kong SAR

System Design

Jinyan Chen

Marketing Specialist

Vladimir Paddack